Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh, to be musical!

I often wish I had been born musical: manys the times I've stared out of the window and happily fallen into mad fantasies about playing flamingo croquis with Queen Alison Goldfrapp; going nuts and eating all the sequins with Karen O; or covering my face in a thunderstorm of Susie Sioux's eyeliner. Thus I recline, lazily allowing all these hazy, crazy
imaginings to mingle in my mind's eye with other, much more vivd daydreams involving myself and most members of the Strokes, until reality somehow imposes itself (a door is knocked, a phone is rung) and my startled fantasies evaporate, leaving behind only a sense of wistful melancholy that, alas, I am unable to express through music.
And now this beautiful and cool little butterfly guitar from Daisy Rock Monarch has given me yet another reason to bemoan not just my tragic lack of talent but also, as it's made strictly for the kids, the sad fact that
I'm growing up - and never even had one of these!


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