Saturday, September 05, 2009

Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Magazine: Another Placement

Life can be really surprising sometimes, and this was one of those surprises that really floored me.
After getting home from Fused the other day, feeling a little depressed about the longed-for work experience being cut short and apprehensive at the thought of a vast, empty summer holiday stretching in front of me, I switched on my computer (fixed now, thank god), and checked through my emails, expecting nothing more than the usual marsh of junk mail to wade through, when instead I found a message from somebody at Another Magazine.
In my quest to find work experience a few months earlier I had contacted nearly every magazine imaginable, regardless of whether I thought there was any real chance of them getting back to me or not. Another Magazine was just one of many really exclusive magazines that I contacted just on the off chance, almost as a joke, and now it looks like I was right to after all!
The email said that someone else had cancelled their work placement and asked me if I'd like to join them for a two week placement at Another Magazine! The downside is it starts on the 3rd of July, which means that even as I type I'm frantically worrying about how I'm going to find accommodation in East London by then. Help!

Licking The Camera

Look out for Transmission with T4 on channel 4 tonight - you may just see the Windowlicker milling around in the background!
I was lucky enough to get tickets and a media pass (for a girl who's used to queuing that was like having the ultimate magic charm) to watch the filming of the music show. It was a pretty trendy event - I've never seen so many guys in skinny jeans outside of Topshop - though I'll admit I wasn't too interested in the bands that were playing. What was interesting was to see how much skill, time and organisation really goes into making what looks like a straightforward half-hour show - it's a pretty intricate affair!
Anyway, be sure to check it out. I know the show will be highly anticipated by all my family and friends.

Leaving for Las Vegas

My time at Fused (which, as if it wasn't obvioLinkus, I've loved every minute of) has been cut short by the fact that editors are flying off to Las VLinkegas next week, "to work", apparently.
A few highlights of my time there were getting the chance to contribute written work to the magazine (even if it was mostly in the form of PR write ups - that's still published!), meeting everyone at the Fused office, all of whom were ridiculously nice and talented, and getting a first hand look at some of the freebies magazine editors are lucky enough to get in the post everyday (very jealous).
So, although it was short(-er than I'd expected), my time at Fused was definitely sweet.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


“Amazing” is one of those words that can be overused and lose their meaning but, if I am to accurately describe to you how my last two days at Fused Magazine have been, a little reappraisal of “amazing” will be necessary.

So, according to the dictionary, “amazing” is foremost a transitive verb meaning,
v. tr.
To affect with great wonder; astonish

And, as an intransitive verb “amazing” is
v. intr.
To cause great wonder or astonishment: a sight that amazes.

With that in mind then, believe me when I say the past two days have been “amazing.”

More updates just as soon as I remember how to breathe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have returned

Well, I have a lot of news to cover since my last blog, so let's make this concise and straightforward through the use of bullet points, the lazy man's answer to linking paragraphs.

  • I have finished my exams and, in fact, received my rather better than expected results but a few hours ago.

  • I finally broke down and joined the hordes by purchasing a pair of skinny jeans. But not for the Windowlicker just any pair of skinny jeans, oh no, but rather a pair of sexy black skinny jeans from a la Vince Noir, rock n' roll star (see above. The boy's an icon waiting to happen).

  • I have a fringe! They're so hot right now!

  • is still selling slave stitched frumpery, but I did find this one bag, obviously too good for them to bother putting on the website, which is just black leather sex with sturdy shoulder straps.

The biggest news of all though is much too big to be confined to a bullet point, the power point fiend's answer to coherent writing, and that news is that I will be beginning my work experience at tomorrow morning.

Should be interesting ...

Thursday, June 08, 2006


It seems pretty lame to have to suddenly stop updating a blog so soon after it's begun, but I've simply been too bogged down with exams and revision these past few weeks to even make it onto the internet, let alone blog. Added to that problem is the fact that my beautiful, beautiful mac i-book has broken down and I haven't even had time to take it to be repaired yet (I'm using a comparatively hideous library computer at this very moment).
Anyway, soon the exams will be over and my work experience at will start, which of course I will try to keep everyone updated on.
Until then, it's back to revision ...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcomed to the fold

Amazing news - Lechevitrine has been invited, and has giddily agreed, to join Coutorture!

In case you didn't already know (shame on you), Coutorture is an online fashion community dedicated to bringing together and supporting style bloggers all over the net - a worthy cause, non?


It's the circle!

In the beginning, men and women dressed much the same...

As time went on, fashion developed not only as a means for self expression, but sadly, also as a means to emphasize and impose differences between the sexes ...

Until today, when humanity finally reached the height of egalitarian style with the advent of the hipster couple...


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shoes vs. Architecture: FIGHT!

Pierre Hardy vs. The Sydney Opera House

FOC vs. The Eiffel Tower

Mobius vs. The Empire State Building

Monday, May 29, 2006

Strangers on a bus

So, I was on the bus to university the other day and, just as it was approaching my stop, a petite and stylishly dressed girl hopped on. Having nothing better to do for the next two minutes, I decided to use this time to examine her outfit and see if I could take some inspiration from it.
Clinically examined thus, there was nothing particularly exciting about what Mystery Girl was wearing: a green jacket, presumably with a nice top underneath (I didn't have time to ogle her that much), jeans and a pair of green flats that matched the shade of her jacket perfectly.
Although the rest of her outfit was generally good, it was those flats that really caught my attention, in fact, I couldn't take my eyes off them. I'm usually a high heel girl, but even I have to admit that, when you think about it, heels are pretty fantastical creations both in their impracticality and their beauty - sort of like pink dragons in footwear terms. Uh, or something.
And so I'd been searching for a good month or so for a pair of flats that were as attractive as they were comfortable when Mystery Girl stepped onto the bus in hers.
My memory's pretty poor, but allow me describe to you what what little I can recall: the colour was a fresh shade of pea green that contrasted with the battered but clearly high quality leather they were made of and highlighted some interesting gold buckle details around the toe.
My recollection of them, even just a day later, is quite hazy, but the impression they inspired remains, and so, though the details are off, I can still remember seeing a beautiful pair of shoes.
How strange then that, browsing through ebay a few hours later that day, I should come across a pair of Chloe flats , red this time, that I thought, nay, I knew! were the same pair as those that had stood next to my bedraggled converse on the morning bus!
Sadly, with bidding already up to £92 and with still another 3 days of auctioning to go, my dream flats are already far beyond my means (hence my status as a window-licker), but perhaps the one or two people who do read this strange little blog would like to have a look.
Good luck!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Freakshow Gallery

What's right with this picture?