Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have returned

Well, I have a lot of news to cover since my last blog, so let's make this concise and straightforward through the use of bullet points, the lazy man's answer to linking paragraphs.

  • I have finished my exams and, in fact, received my rather better than expected results but a few hours ago.

  • I finally broke down and joined the hordes by purchasing a pair of skinny jeans. But not for the Windowlicker just any pair of skinny jeans, oh no, but rather a pair of sexy black skinny jeans from a la Vince Noir, rock n' roll star (see above. The boy's an icon waiting to happen).

  • I have a fringe! They're so hot right now!

  • is still selling slave stitched frumpery, but I did find this one bag, obviously too good for them to bother putting on the website, which is just black leather sex with sturdy shoulder straps.

The biggest news of all though is much too big to be confined to a bullet point, the power point fiend's answer to coherent writing, and that news is that I will be beginning my work experience at tomorrow morning.

Should be interesting ...


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