Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hi - I'm the New (part-time) Intern!

Two days ago I went to the office of Fused Magazine for a "chat" with the editor. I say chat, but I felt that what this really was was an opportunity for magazine to weigh me up and decide whether or not I was the sort of person they wanted hanging about their teeny-tiny (but damned colourful) office, just as it was my opportunity to say completely the wrong things and wear completely the wrong outfit (yellow top under a houndstooth cropped jacket. Think human NYC taxi cab).
I must have done better than I thought though because the editor agreed to send me the dates for my internship just as soon as she's organized things with all the other applicants.
My only concern is this: as it's such a small office, and because they get so many people asking for work experience, it's not really feasible to have interns in all week long. Instead, I'll be asked to come in maybe every Tuesday and Thursday for a few weeks. I still feel incredibly lucky about this opportunity, but I sort of had a romantic vision in my head of hanging out in that bohemian little office, fetching cups of tea for bands and models, and then somehow the editor discovering that what an incredibly talented individual I am (talented at what I haven't exactly figured out yet) and insisting right there on the spot that I must drop out of uni and join the editorial team immediately. That's a little less likely to happen if I'm only there Tuesdays and Thurdays.


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