Monday, May 15, 2006

The Temple of New Look - Holy Crap!

So, a couple of weeks ago the sun was actually shining, warming the earth and helping all the little spring time plants to photsynthesise and bloom, but not forgetting to focus a fair percentage of its thermal energy on blistering my arctic white complexion.
Seeking shelter from this meteorlogical attack I did something I would not normally do - I ducked into a New Look: but reader, what a New Look.
I had unsuspectingly stumbled into the chain's newest, largest, shiniest, gimmicky-est store yet and, being but a simple country girl, I was for a second stunned at the sight so much stuff I didn't want all in one place. The achingly new and clean two storey cube was like a great, sparkling white temple of cheap fabrics and lame designs.

"But who cares about the clothes?", I thought, "everyone knows that the shoes are what New Look does well and, most importantly for a window licker, cheaply." And I was not disappointed, in fact, I was delirious. Rows upon rows of heels ranging from the kind of Christian Louboutin knock-offs that every highstreet shop has had a go at by now, to an astonishing pair of purest silver glitter high heels that awakened my desire to emulate Alison Goldfrapp and make an attempt at ironic Glam Rock chic and, in a nod to the urban cowboy trend we're doomed to experience this season, there was even a truly tacky pair of pink gingham heels. All the shoes were displayed on simple and cool lime green shelves with good lighting (presumably to heighten the glory of those sparkly heels).
The prices ranged from about £15-£35, so I say buy them all and have done with it.


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