Friday, May 05, 2006

Licking the Windows of Opportunity

Well then, as I'm new to this blogging nonsense, I may as well make an attempt to offer a backstory that will hopefully make you all feel smitten with me and my bitter ways.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, whatever), I'm the mysterious type and would rather just allow you to enjoy and ponder over the little snippets of personal details that I will, goddess like, occassionally bestow upon you, my soon to be million-strong horde of followers.

And here is the first: for a while now I've been reduced to writing begging letters to literally dozens of magazines all over the country trying to explain to lunk-headed editors why exactly I am an amazing once-in-a-generation prodigy that they need to have aboard their publication, if only for one unpaid week, if they really want any chance whatsover of continued success. I have received five replies which all are, shockingly, in the negative.
The fight will go on!


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