Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Magazine: Another Placement

Life can be really surprising sometimes, and this was one of those surprises that really floored me.
After getting home from Fused the other day, feeling a little depressed about the longed-for work experience being cut short and apprehensive at the thought of a vast, empty summer holiday stretching in front of me, I switched on my computer (fixed now, thank god), and checked through my emails, expecting nothing more than the usual marsh of junk mail to wade through, when instead I found a message from somebody at Another Magazine.
In my quest to find work experience a few months earlier I had contacted nearly every magazine imaginable, regardless of whether I thought there was any real chance of them getting back to me or not. Another Magazine was just one of many really exclusive magazines that I contacted just on the off chance, almost as a joke, and now it looks like I was right to after all!
The email said that someone else had cancelled their work placement and asked me if I'd like to join them for a two week placement at Another Magazine! The downside is it starts on the 3rd of July, which means that even as I type I'm frantically worrying about how I'm going to find accommodation in East London by then. Help!


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